Multi-Colored USB Powered Disco Ball

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Product Description

What is love!?! Baby, donít hurt me! Donít hurt meÖno more! Is your computer cool enough to get into elite clubs like the Roxbury? If not, kick it up a notch or two with the Xoxide USB Powered Multi-Colored Disco Ball! Just plug the Disco Ball into any free USB port, and instantly the party is in your room tonight, and everyone is invited. Just donít tell your mom!

When switched on, the Disco Ball rotates, and lights up with four internally intense white LEDs. The colored lenses of the ball project dots of light onto the ceiling and walls of your darkened room, giving you that sweet sweet club look. The USB Powered Multi-Colored Disco Ball from Xoxide has just what it takes to get your head bobbing to the music, and with only the lines your mom warned you about.