Nanotherm PCM+ Thermal Compound

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Product Description

Nanotherm PCM+ is a unique, new thermally conductive Phase Change Material designed to provide superior heat transfer and cooling characteristics (for air and water cooled computer, electronic and general thermal management applications) over other thermal interface materials, such as thermal greases, thermal pads and other PCMs.

One of the most unique features of the Nanotherm PCM+ is that it is formulated as an aqueous liquid coating, which makes it most easy to apply in a thin, even layer to any surface. The liquid PCM+ completely wets-out the surfaces to which it is applied and fills in the microscopic pores, grooves and imperfections on the contact surfaces. Once applied, the Nanotherm PCM+ quickly changes from the liquid state to form a very thin, semi-solid, wax-like coating on the contacting surfaces of the cooling device and heat source (i.e. - Heatsink and CPU), which are then mechanically attached.