Vantec Nexus Fan Controller NXP-201 (Black)

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Product Description


  • 4 Channel Fan Controller  
  • Adjustable Fan Speed Knob  
  • Aluminum "U" Type Housing  
  • Blue LED Light    
  • Each Channel Will Support 15 to 18 Watts  
  • Fits In A Standard 5'25" Drive Bay.  
  • No Need to Cut Wires Like Other Fan Controller. Just Plug The Cable In.  
  • Great for Vantec Tornado or Other High CFM Fans.

Nexus Fan Controller connects up to 4 fans and allows you manually adjust the fan speed and noise level. The fan speed is determined by the variable speed potentiometer settings which vary the voltage of the fan from 7V-12V. Each channel will support 15-18W. Blue LED lights combine perfectly with the Black or Silver housing. Nexus Fan Controller is great for Large CFM fans and fits perfectly in your standard 5'25" drive bay.