Nintendo Super Mario Bros Power Up Energy Drink

Nintendo Super Mario Bros Power Up Energy Drink
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Product Description

Wii would like to drink.

That's right, our favorite Italian Plumber is back with a new energy drink to get you through those long, hard nights of trying to conquer World 4-3 of the Lost Levels. Nintendo's first American foray into the world of caffeine, Super Mario Bros Power Up Energy Drink is a 8.4 oz (250ml) can of caffeinated blue-raspberry drink.

In no time, you'll be power leaping up and down your apartment, yelling "Wa-hoo!" and smashing ceiling tiles in search of hidden gold coins.

A Word of Warning: Remember, shrooms and energy drinks don't mix. Just because a mushroom has a smiley face on it, it doesn't mean it will make you larger. If anything, it's most likely illegal and will probably make you wander around in the middle of the night wearing nothing but overalls and jumping on turtles.

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