YS Tech 70mm TMD Fan

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Product Description

This revolutionary new fan design from Y.S. Tech blows away the competition. The Tip Magnetically Driven fan relocates the motor from the center of the fan to the four corners of the fan. This not only reduces the central hub area by at least 75%, it increases airflow by 30%. This is important in applications such as CPU heatsinks because you want as much airflow directed down as possible. With traditional fans, the area directly underneath the fan does not get any airflow at all. With this new design, you know that your heatsink is working to the maximum potential. Noise is also reduced with this design. The main source of noise in a traditional fan is the tips of the fans and this design eliminates the tips.

Fan Dimensions: 70x70x15 mm
Air Flow: 29.97 CFM
Drive Mechanism: TMD
Speed: 4500 RPM
Noise: 34.2 dBA
Voltage: 12 VDC
Current: 0.19 A
Power: 2.14 W