X300 Super Mid-Tower

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Product Description

Special: This case comes with a FREE Sound activated blue neon!

This case combines elegant style with features that any PC enthusiasts will appreciate. Most cases lack good looks. This case comes with a slightly blue tinted acrylic front bezel that really adds to the standard look.

While the outside of the case looks very good, a bad interior can ruin a perfectly good looking case. This one has an extremely high quality interior that supports its exterior. The case is spacious and will be more than sufficient for all cards and drives one could imagine.   

The side panel is one of the most noticeable features of this case. It comes with a highly intricate window which even includes a clear blue  intake fan.

Small touches like this blue lighted power button show that the X300 is committed to quality. The blue light shines through the button when the case is powered on. Small touches like these are what make this case stand out from the rest of the crowded case market.

For a limited time, the case comes with a sound activated blue neon which has it's own stand making it easy to mount inside your case.

The front bezel includes two USB, one sound and a mic port. These ports are hidden behind a door so that you can use them for ease or hide them away.

*X300 Fan Upgrade*, includes:

-2 Additional 80mm Xoxide exhaust fans for the rear of the case (40cfm each)
-Additional 120mm Galaxy intake fan (90cfm) for the front of the case.
-Additional 80mm Xoxide fan for the ceiling panel of the case (40cfm)

This makes for a grand total of 5 case fans, as opposed to the stock configuration of just the side blowhole fan installed. A recommended upgrade for any enthusiast! ($39.99 option below).

Case Specifications:
Dimensions: 486mm(D)x200mm(W)x427mm(H)
Drive bays: 10 Total: (4)5.25' , (2) 3.5', (4) 3.5' hidden
M/B Type: ATX Form Factor (Max. Motherboard size: 12' x 10')
Fans: Supports up to 5 fans
Special features: 4 front USB and multimedia ports, 5 Sound Sensitive Blue Neon Light, Blue Lighted Power Button