NorthWater Xtreme Water Xchanger Large - Polished

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Product Description

Xtreme Water Xchangers are made exclusively for Xoxide by NorthWater.

Extreme water-coolers are always on the lookout for new modifications to help squeeze the maximum performance out of their system. They live in a world where every little degree of temperature counts to help coerce their frame rates and megahertz well beyond the manufacturer’s specifications. Now enter the world of the Xtreme Heat Xchanger from NorthWater.

The Xtreme Heat Xchanger allows you to add passive radiant cooling throughout your system to help decrease overall coolant temperature in your system. These machined billet aluminum heat exchangers come with a predrilled temperature probe for monitoring of your system. Each heat exchanger comes with barbs of your choice, 3/8in or 1/2in, and are easily replaceable with other aftermarket sizes. So add one or multiple Xtreme Heat Xchangers from NorthWater throughout your system and enable your maximum water cooling performance.

  • All billet aluminum construction
  • Reduce the temperature of your coolant in-between hot components such as your CPU and GPU
  • Reduce the heat in your system silently without adding more fans
  • Predrilled temperature probe hole
  • Changeable barbs allow you to install in any tube diameter system (Comes with 3/8 or 1/2in system barbs - select below)
  • Will make your friend’s jealous

This product has been reviewed by both and Both sites scored the Xtreme Xchanger at an 8/10 and attributed the Xchanger to a 2-3° temperature drop in CPU temperatures.

Note: The barbs that come with the NorthWater XChanger are plastic, not brass as shown in the picture.