No Scope FPS Decal

No Scope FPS Decal
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Product Description

The patent-pending NO SCOPE applies easily to any screen or monitor and allows gamers the freedom of shooting from the hip with sniper-like accuracy while playing first-person shooter video games. First-person shooters allow gamers to "scope in," imposing a tighter, tunnel-vision-like view of the game with enhanced crosshairs for better shooting accuracy--the NO SCOPE eliminates the tight views and tunnel vision by giving the gamer a crosshair decal that remains on the screen during regular gameplay with an unhindered view.

Product Details: 5 reusable decals per pack. Will not ruin TV screens, monitors, or walls. Perfect crosshair thickness and decal size to work on any screen or monitor. Packaging doubles as a storage area for used product. Works with all first-person shooter video games. Online video support and fan communities. Start Shooting from the Hip with Sniper Accuracy! Just apply one of the NO SCOPE decals to your screen and you can: Increase your headshots. Hurl grenades perfectly. Run freely. ALL WITHOUT HAVING TO SCOPE IN!

Step One: Toggle on the game's Scope 200M function.

Step Two: Align your NO SCOPE decal with the in-game crosshairs and apply to screen.

Step Three: Toggle off the game's 200M function and start sharpshooting and hurling grenades with accuracy!

Each package contains 5 reusable NO SCOPE decals.