OCZ Vindicator CPU Cooler

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Product Description

The OCZ Vindicator can serve your CPU in multiple ways. If you prefer to passively cool your CPU, simply attach the Vindicator and watch its six copper heat pipes rapidly transfer heat away from your CPU up to the dense high-stacked fin array where the heat is quickly and efficiently dissipated. On the other hand, for extreme overclocking, you can simply attach the included 120mm fan to aggressively cool your CPU. Either way, this CPU Cooler is guaranteed to keep your processor cool.

With the increasing power of processors, heat is and always will be an on-going issue. That is why OCZ has decided to make a CPU Cooler that will cool current processors, as well as faster and more advanced processors in the future. With the unique 120mm fan design, it can quietly run at a very low RPM while still producing massive air-flow.

  • Pure Copper base plate and 6 heat pipes for superior heat dissipation
  • Pure Aluminum fins for ultimate durability
  • Attachable 120mm fan includes
  • Fan Specs:
    • Low-Noise (18.5 dBA)
    • Rated Voltage: 12 V DC
    • Static Pressure: 1.4mm H2O
    • Fan Speed: 1000RPM
    • Air Flow: 40 CFM
    • Bearing type: sleeve bearing
  • Dimensions:
    • Heatsink: (L)110 x (W)110 x (H)150mm
    • Fan: (L)120 x (W) 120 x (H)25mm
  • Includes:
    • 120mm Fan and mounting clips
    • Mounting Hardware for all compatible CPUs
    • Thermal Compound
  • AMD K8 Socket 754/939/940 Opteron / 64-bit / X2 Coolers
  • AMD K8 Socket AM2
  • Intel Socket 775 Coolers