OCZ XTC Blue LED Memory Cooler rev. 2

OCZ  XTC Blue LED Memory Cooler rev. 2
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Product Description

Keep your memory chill'n with OCZ’s Xtreme Thermal Convection Memory Cooler…aka XTC! Your memory will be elated at the cool temperatures and airflow quietly bathing it from the overshadowing XTC cooler.

Utilizing twin 60mm ultra-low noise fans, the XTC Memory Cooler delivers a micro-convection stream of airflow in an otherwise dead air space area of your computer. Built-up heat is dissipated, and your memory is free to retain and retrieve the information at blazing fast speeds without the normally blazing high temperatures.

Each of the XTC’s cooling fans contains multiple blue LEDs allowing it to illuminate your memory subsystem. Constructed out of sexy aluminum, as opposed to non-sexy aluminum or unsightly plastic, the XTC Memory cooler from OCZ is designed to last and look good while doing it.

  • Compatibility: DDR1, DDR2
  • Fan Dimensions: 60x60mm
  • Overall Dimensions: 23 x 68 x 153mm