OCZ Z Series 1000W Power Supply

OCZ Z Series 1000W Power Supply
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Product Description

OCZ Z Series 1000W Power Supply
Max-Performance PSU / 1000W / 80+ Gold / SLI-Ready / Active PFC / Modular

True to our enthusiast roots, OCZ Technology designed and developed the Z Series for power users searching for nothing but the best. Paving the way toward the most efficient means of achieving high-end performance, these PSUs feature ultra-high efficiency of 90% and have achieved the 80+ Gold Certification. OCZ strived to make the Gold Z Series a true “best-in-class” power supply, including a powerful single +12-volt rail design and an industrial-grade core engineered for maximum stability and reliability. Built for excellence, the Z Series raises the bar in power management and provides an unparalleled solution for enthusiasts who won’t settle for anything less.

Delivering 1000W of continuous output and utilizing a high-performance architecture, the Z1000M provides rock-solid power for the systems of gamers, enthusiasts, and power users. With a peak wattage of 1100W a single +12V rail (83A) design, the Z1000 doesn’t put limits on your system the way competing PSUs do.

High-performance doesn’t need to translate into over-the-top energy use. With an ultra-high 90% efficiency rating, the 80 Plus® Gold certified Z1000 power supply offers ultimate stability without driving up your energy costs.

The Z1000 is tested and certified at industrial levels (50°C) to provide the ultimate powerhouse for those that require long-lasting, industrial-grade components for their mission-critical system or cutting-edge gaming machine

Modular Cable Management
Promoting a cleaner and cooler case environment, the Z1000M edition features a modular cable system to eliminate unnecessary connectors. This optimizes airflow and allows further customization of your power system.

Premium Cooling & Acoustics
Powerful yet cool, the Z1000M maintains ideal temperatures and superior air flow thanks to a large 135mm double ball bearing fan that adapts to the system’s load and thermals while remaining ultra-quiet at high speeds

Active PFC
Each Z1000 features Active PFC (Power Factor Correction) to regulate input voltage and deliver premium sag and surge protection (.99PFC), allowing for effective distribution of power in a wider range of environments and varying voltages.

Multi-GPU Ready
Equipped to fuel the demands of gaming systems, the OCZ Z1000M solution has an array of connectors and the stable output to power dual GPUs—an essential element of top gaming builds.

OCZ 5 Year Warranty
Premium power supplies deserve the finest warranty available, and OCZ stands behind the Z1000M with its 5-year PowerSwap warranty for ultimate peace of mind. Send yours in, get a new 100% functional unit in its place...no more endless return-for-repair loops!

Technical Specifications:

  • 1000 Watts of Continuous Rock-Solid Power (1100WPeak)
  • +12VDC @ 83A Single Rail Design
  • Ultra-Quiet 135mm Double Ball-Bearing, Thermally-Controlled Fan
  • Ultra-High Efficiency (over 90%)
  • 80 Plus® Gold Certified
  • Dual-GPU Ready
  • 5 year warranty backed by OCZ's exclusive
  • PowerSwap Warranty replacement program.

    1000W Connectors

  • 1 x 24-pin Main connector
  • 1 x 8-pin EPS 12V
  • 1 x 4/8-pin CPU
  • 3 x SATA
  • 2 x 6/8-pin PCI-Express


  • 4 x 6/8-pin PCI-Express
  • 9 x SATA
  • 3 x Peripheral
  • 1 x Floppy

    Part Numbers

  • OCZZ1000M
  • OCZZ1000M-UN*