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Xoxide's OPERATION:X is a brutal challenge that awaits you whose trials and tribulations can only be eclipsed by the sheer magnitude of the deals that may be had!

OPERATION:X delivers you deals of unimaginable value compounded with the fact that everyone, yes I said EVERYONE, that completes the mission wins! But these spoils of war do not come without effort, and those that finish first are rewarded with the biggest and baddest deals. Each participant in OPERATION:X will be sent on a mission. A mission that is a challenging game of skill.

What sort of game is this you ask? Oh wouldn't you like to know! But that is only something that can be answered the 1st of the month on the night of OPERATION:X! So get your war helmets, bicycle helmets, or thinking caps out and join us that night at Xoxide 9:00PM EST sharp and prove to us that YOU have what it takes to complete OPERATION:X!

Put your brain to the test to win prizes and items at asininely discounted prices!

Make haste though, even though everyone that passes the mission wins, quantities of the biggest deals will be limited!

OPERATION:X is located at http://operationx.xoxide.com. Check out the chatter and all the latest gossip on the Xoxide Forums about past and present OPERATION:X sales!

What kind of deals can I get? Check out past OPERATION:X Sales below: