OutletLinc Dimmer - INSTEON Remote Control Outlet (Dual Band) - White

OutletLinc Dimmer - INSTEON Remote Control Outlet (Dual Band) - White
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Product Description

OutletLinc Dimmer - INSTEON Remote Control Outlet (Dual Band) - White
  • Winner of the 2012 Electronic House Products of the Year Award
  • Elegant, built-in, clean and professional look for remote control of lamps
  • One remotely controllable outlet and one standard (always on) outlet
  • Tamper-resistant shutter mechanism for protection against improper object insertion and electric shock
  • Controllable outlet supports "load sense" - manually switching load on (at load) will turn outlet on
  • Auto-off, Over temp sensor
  • Dual-band: communicates simultaneously over both radio frequency (RF) and the powerline
  • Functions as an Access Point for RF-only devices
Say goodbye to plug-in lamp modules and get a clean, professional look with the new OutletLinc Dimmer. This revolutionary receptacle is the first of its kind to offer a built-in dimmer that can be remotely controlled from anywhere using devices such as a remote control, wall keypad or even your smartphone.

The simple-to-use OutletLinc Dimmer has advanced features like an adjustable ramp rate that slowly brings the lamp on, a preset dim level that stores your preferred choice of 32 brightness levels when turning the lamp on initially, as well as load sense, so you can still use the lamp's built-in switch to turn the light on and off. It's made to be installed in place of any wall receptacle and controls incandescent loads up to 300 Watts. Also features a standard (always on) outlet rated up to 15 Amps.

Software configurable
Using INSTEON software such as HouseLinc, you can control, program and manage settings for OutletLinc Dimmer and any other INSTEON devices in your network. You can even schedule timed events, receive email alerts when devices are activated and more.

Unparalleled Safety Features

  • Tamper resistant outlets
    • Spring-loaded shutter mechanism allows plugs to enter but resists access to single-pronged items like keys, hairpins, or nails. Conforms to NEC Article 406.11.
  • Over-heating protection
    • If ever the internal temperature of the receptacle rises to unsafe levels, OutletLinc Dimmer will automatically shut off power.
  • Dimmer Key
    • In order for the top outlet dimmer to work, the lamp plug must have the Dimmer Key attached. This key is a small, razor-thin piece that goes over the lamp plug. This prevents others in your home from unplugging the lamp and plugging in non-dimmable appliances that could result in damaging of the appliance.
    Reliability and Network Enhancements
    This latest member of the INSTEON family of products features dual-band technology which allows OutletLinc Dimmer to send and receive commands using both radio frequency (RF) and power line. So not only can you control it from power line-only or RF-only devices, it will repeat both signal types for other devices in your network, making your entire INSTEON system faster.

    A dual-band device can also act as a phase bridge when paired with another dual-band device in the home.

    For added convenience, the OutletLinc Dimmer bottom outlet is always on. So, whether you need an outlet in the hallway for the vacuum, or an outlet behind the living room couch for an INSTEON tabletop controller, you'll never have to worry about the outlet being switched off. Also, if you ever need to switch the top outlet on manually, you can either use OutletLinc's built-in ON/OFF button (located between its two outlets) or turn your lamp or appliance on and off with its own ON/OFF switch (with load sensing enabled).

    X10 Compatible
    INSTEON OutletLinc Dimmer is fully INSTEON compatible and X10 ready. Homeowners with existing X10 networks can easily migrate to an INSTEON network without having to discard all their existing X10 devices. X10 ready means that the module can respond to X10 commands from an X10 controller. Please note that INSTEON devices repeat INSTEON signals but not X10.

    Non-Volatile Memory
    All settings are stored in non-volatile memory and are not lost during power failures.

    Certifications and Warranty
    All OutletLinc products are safety approved. The factory for SmartLabs Design Products is ISO9001 certified. Because of this passion for quality, Smarthome stands behind the entire line of products with a full 2-year warranty.

    What's Included
    • OutletLinc Dimmer
    • Outlet Dimmer Key
    • 3 wire nuts
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Wall plate sold separately
    Brand INSTEON
    Product Name OutletLinc Dimmer - INSTEON Remote Control Dimmer Outlet (Dual-Band)
    Manufacturer Product No. 2472D
    UPC White - 2472DWH: 813922010251
    Almond - 2472DAL: 813922010220
    Light Almond - 2472DLAL: 813922011630
    Black - 2472DBK: 813922010237
    Gray - 2472DGY: 813922011364
    Ivory - 2472DIV: 813922010244
    Brown - 2472DBR: 813922011357
    Patent No. 7,345,998, International Patents Pending
    Warranty 2 years, limited
    INSTEON 256 responder groups & 1 controller group
    Brightness Levels 32 (256 with software)
    Maximum Scene Links 400
    Scene Commands Supported as Controller On Off
    Fast On Fast Off
    Scene Commands Supported as Responder On Off
    Press & Bright Press & Hold Dim
    Incremental Bright Incremental Dim
    Fast On Fast Off
    Software Configurable Yes
    RF Range 150' Open air
    X10 Support Yes
    X10 Addresses 1 max, unassigned by default
    INSTEON Device Category 0x01 Dimmable Lighting Control
    INSTEON Device Subcategory 0x21
    INSTEON Product Key (IPK) 0x000068
    Mounting Standard, single gang wall box
    Wires Black - Hot
    White - Neutral
    Bare Copper - Ground
    Case Color White
    Set Button 1, color matched to unit
    Plastic UV Stabilized Polycarbonate
    Beeper Yes
    LED Dual Color, Green & Red
    Dimensions 4.1"H x 1.73"W x 1.73"D
    Weight 120 grams / 0.26 pounds
    Operating Environment Indoors
    Operating Temperature Range Indoors, 32 to 104 F, up to 85% relative humidity
    Thermal Overlaod Protection Disabled controlled outlet until condition resolved and operated with ON command or front button push.
    Voltage 120 VAC +/- 10%, Split, Single Phase
    Frequency 60Hz
    Maximum Dimmer Load 300 Watts
    Load Type(s) Incandescent
    Surge Resistance Up to 500 VAC
    Retains all settings without power Yes, all saved in Non-volatile EEPROM
    Standby power consumption < 1 Watt
    Safety Approved Intertek (ETL)
    Certifications FCC, IC Canada, ETL