Sunbeam Overclocker Cooling Kit (Blue)

Sunbeam Overclocker Cooling Kit (Blue)
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Product Description

Sunbeam's overclocking kit brings cold air directly from your intake fan to your CPU through an air duct, so adding this kit to your system can significantly drop your CPU temp. Designed to attach to a 70mm or 80mm CPU fan on one end and an 80mm intake fan on the other, this kit is compatible with most systems and also includes an 80mm fan filter. Also featured in this kit is a psu ducting mod designed to draw the hot exhaust air from your power supply up and away from your case. The Sunbeam Overclocker Cooling Kit is an effective addition to your case cooling system. Don't believe us? Then just check out the graphs and diagrams below.


  • Coil x1
  • 80mm Fan connectors x2
  • 70mm Fan connector x1
  • 80mm Fan filter x1
  • PSU exhaust duct x1
  • Hose clamps x2
  • Fan screws x4
  • Washers x4