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Do you rummage through the pages of Xoxide.com and wonder 'How can I put this stuff together to pimp my PC?' Or, are you a l337 modder who's done so much to your system you keep asking yourself 'What more can I do?' If so, PC Chop Shop: Tricked Out Guide to PC Modding is a perfect book for you. The book was put together by David Groth, a full time author with more than a dozen computer related books, with some help from our friend Gary Mullins over at PCApex.com and some products and pictures provided by none other than us, Xoxide.com. The book includes tips and how-to on modding your PC for the first time, or the 50th. It also features a 16 page color insert with some of the sweetest custom mods in the community. Many have been featured on review sites and computer related TV shows such as TechTV. The PC Chop Shop book is a great buy for yourself, or a gift for the modder in your life.

Excerpt from back of the book:

Learn How To Soup Up and Customize Your PC and Really Make It Your Own

Unimpressed by how the commonplace beige or gray computer looks and performs? Want to apply a personal touch to your PC so it reflects your own sense of style? You can make it glow, fill it with water, paint your favorite emblem on the case, or ultimately transform it into a completely unique work of art. There are myriad ways you can make your PC distinct.

In PC Chop Shop, best-selling author and expert 'Modder' David Groth empowers you to create original PC modifications by teaching you the essential modding skills and inspiring you with a showcase of the most imaginative ideas. Through clear, step-by-step instruction, you’ll learn a variety of basic-to-advanced modifications, including how to:

  • Install lights—from neon to cold cathode to UV
  • Make and apply custom decals
  • Integrate windows and fan grilles in your case
  • Add LED’s and lights to your drives
  • Modify the cooling systems for your case, memory, hard drive, and CPU
  • Experiment with water cooling, Peltier cooling, and phase change cooling
  • Enhance performance with CPU and memory overclocking
  • Deaden Sound
  • Personalize your keyboard, mouse, speakers, and monitor
  • Paint creative designs on metal and plastic
  • And much, much more!

224 pages | Softcover | Trimsize: 7.5 x 9'

ISBN: 0-7821-4360-1 | EAN: 9 780782 143607 | UPC: 0252-11-443606