Lian Li PC-626 Case

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Product Description

Aluminum cases were designed for overclocking and DIY applications. While aluminum cases are typically more expensive than steel cases, their added utility and extra features make them a good investment for the hardcore gamer or enthusiast. The case is also extremely well ventilated. The case is easily accessed through large, stainless steel thumbscrews on the doors and motherboard tray. There is also protective plastic edging on all case surfaces allowing you to work inside your case without fear of getting cut.

  • Dimensions: 270x495x665mm(WxHxD)
  • Drive bays: 4x5.25", 10x3.5" (8 are Hidden)
  • Fan: 4x120mm two ball bearing fans
  • M/B type: dual CPU M/B (MAX SIZE: 12"x13")
  • Finishing: 1.5~2 mm aluminum with brushed anodized finishing
  • Lockable front panel
  • Built In Filter For Front Intake Fans
  • Aluminum Thumbscrews Included
  • P4 Compatible