Logisys Phantom Case with Window (Black)

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Product Description

The room is dark. The air is cold. A scream is heard in the distance. You slowly open your eyes and try to focus on the figure in front of you. Is this a dream? Is this real? What is the figure you see? Could it be...? Is it really...? It is! You realize that what stands before you is...a Phantom. The Logisys Phantom Case.

The front panel of this case has a great look. The eyes on the front panel light up when the power is on. Behind that panel are four 5.25" bays and 2 3.5" bays. Below that panel are the power and reset buttons which also light up. There are air filters directly behind those buttons with room for one optional 80mm or 120mm fan. We recommend LED fans to light that area up as shown in the pictures. On the bottom of the front panel are USB 2.0 ports along with audio ports. There are also four hidden 3.5" bays to house your hard drives.

The side of the case will help your box stand above many others. The large UV interactive window has 4 LED's embedded in the corners to light it up. There is an engraved design in the acrylic window and will glow bright thanks to the built in LED's. In the middle of the window is an included LED 80mm fan with a fan grill. On the back is a rear mounted 120mm fan to help keep your case that much cooler.

The maximum motherboard size that can fit in this case is 12" x 10". The dimensions of the Phantom is 200mm(W)x440mm(H)x500mm(D) (7.9"x17.3"x19.8"). The Logisys Phantom case won't haunt your friends in their dreams, but their jealousy may.