Phobya CPU & GPU Cleaning Kit (24g)

Phobya CPU & GPU Cleaning Kit (24g)
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Product Description

Phobya CPU & GPU Cleaning Kit (24g)
Phobya Cleaning kit: Only with a clean base is the new thermal compound capable of fully utilizing its potential!
This high-tech cleaning fluid allows quick and efficient cleaning of processors and other computer chips. The Phobya cleaning kit reliably and thoroughly removes annoying thermal compound residue and dirt while always remaining gentle to the surface being cleaned and does not scratch it. The use of the Phobya cleaning fluid is very easy: Moisten a clean paper cloth with the cleaning fluid and rub the surface to clean it quickly and effectively. This cleaning fluid is so gentle it can even be used to clean glasses!

Use the Phobya cleaner to thoroughly clean the surface of coolers and chips to achieve maximum cooling performance!

  • Residue-free removal of stains and old thermal compound
  • Easy handling
  • Gentle to the surface
  • Improves cooling performance
  • No scratching of the surface
  • Alcohol free
  • Colourless
  • Resealable bottle
Technical specifications:
  • Material: Carbon dioxide, silicic acid and water
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Content: 24g
Conforms with RoHS

Extent of delivery:
  • 1x Phobya CPU & GPU cleaning kit 24g