Phobya Xtreme NOVA 1080 Radiator

Phobya Xtreme NOVA 1080 Radiator
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Product Description

Phobya Xtreme NOVA 1080 Radiator
The absolute High-End radiator with excellent price-performance ratio! The new Phobya radiators offer top-of-the-line cooling performance combined with excellent appearance and high-grade build quality. The Phobya radiators of the new Xtreme series are the absolute Highest-end heat exchangers on the market. The copper fins are specially designed to work perfectly with Super-Silent fans (with low Airflow and noise level). The parallel cooling channels additionally ensure a low flow resistance. At the side of the radiator M3 threads are implemented to allow easy mounting e.g. on the case side.

This radiator can also be operated passively, the performance is exceptional even for larger systems. For this purpose, the fan grill can even be removed to allow contact of the whole surface with the surrounding air which greatly improves passive cooling performance.

The radiator has 2 G1/4" connection threads for maximum fitting compatibility.

Technical specifications:
  • Material: Copper fins, brass chambers
  • Dimensions: 390x365x46mm
  • Connection threads: 2x G1/4"
  • Weight: approx. 2745g
  • Mounting possibility: 36x M3-threads on top (for 9x120mm fans)
  • Pressure tested: 2bar
Extent of delivery:
  • 1x Radiator
  • 36x M3x30mm Cross-slotted screws
Please note before and during installation:
  • Flush radiator before use
  • The fan grill is loose until fans are mounted which fixate the grill
  • Over-tightening of the screws can damage the radiator. Please make sure that the screws so not damage the radiator's fins. Damages due to improper use are not covered by the warranty.
  • Other available M3 screws may be too long for use on this radiator. Make sure to only insert them so far that the radiator fins remain undamaged
Warranty: Warranty of seal and quality of manufacturing for 2 years.

Attention: The reddish brown "stains" on the fins is no rust. Please note that this is a copper radiator and the note: "The whole radiator was coated with a robust black lacquer. The fins are coated with a thinner layer to improve the appearance without compromising cooling performance.". The lacquer coat is made from the same material, hence the reddish-brown "stains".

Attention: The radiator can be damaged, if the screws are screwed too deep. Please pay attention to the right length of the screws. The screws do not have the same size in every delivery.Note: To avoid storage or manufacture-related residues in the circulation, Please rinse the radiator completely before assembling.