Phobya SlimGuide Fan Controller - Black Sleeved

Phobya SlimGuide Fan Controller - Black Sleeved
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Product Description

Phobya SlimGuide Fan Controller - Black Sleeved
Phobya's SlimGuide controller adjust fan speeds without high costs.

The basic function of any fan controller is adjustment of a fan's speed. Many other fan controllers include many more features which have to be bought expensively. Not so with the Phobya SlimGuide controller: It will allow you to adjust the fan voltage in a range from 5V to 12V. This allows both silent operation at very low fan speeds or high-power cooling when it is needed!

The voltage is adjusted with a small potentiometer and the unit draws power via a 3-Pin connector. With adaptor cables even more possibilities can be found for connection of the unit.

Technical specifications:
Material: Plastic
Dimensions (LxWxH): 42x25x19mm
Input voltage: 12V
Output voltage range: 5-12V
Maximum output current: 700mA
Cable length: 50cm
Connector: 3-Pin

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1x Phobya SlimGuide Controller