TIM "THE SENSEI" MACURA...The Xoxide Champion of Cheesecake!

Pie Eating Contest Results
The results are in and the winner is Tim "The Sensei" Macura with ten pies in one half hour! Check out all the grueling details, pictures, hysterical movie trailer, and highlights movie of the contenders in action below! Congratulations to everyone that placed their bets on Tim as the winner! We hope everyone enjoyed this wanton display of complete cardiovascular carnage as much as we did, and stay tuned to Xoxide for our next crazy stunt, because you never know what we will do next!

Pie Eating Contest Final Results:
  • Tim "Sensei" Macura: 10
  • Richy "Rydizzle" Rydesky: 8
  • Will "Thigh Master" Stokes: 7
  • Bruce "The Juice" Frye: 5
  • Adam "The People's Eyebrow" Ahlers: 5
  • Jim "Donít Call Me Todd" Price: 4
  • Mike "The Green One" Green: 4
Online Voting Statistics:
  • Tim "Sensei" Macura: 52
  • Richy "Rydizzle" Rydesky: 94
  • Will "Thigh Master" Stokes: 108
  • Bruce "The Juice" Frye: 80
  • Adam "The People's Eyebrow" Ahlers: 40
  • Jim "Donít Call Me Todd" Price: 52
  • Mike "The Green One" Green: 35
  • Total Online Votes Cast: 461
Contender Stomach Evacuation Statistics:
  • Tim "Sensei" Macura: No
  • Richy "Rydizzle" Rydesky: Yes (3 Times!!!)
  • Will "Thigh Master" Stokes: Yes ("Tastes better come'n up then go'n down!")
  • Bruce "The Juice" Frye: No
  • Adam "The People's Eyebrow" Ahlers: Yes (Check out the movie clips!)
  • Jim "Donít Call Me Todd" Price: No
  • Mike "The Green One" Green: Yes