400W PowMax Power Supply

400W PowMax Power Supply
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At a tiny dimension of only 5.9"Wx3.4H"x4.75"D, the 400W PowMax Power Supply is the tiny PSU that could. With its all metal design, single ball bearing fan design,and built-in voltage overload protection, this PSU will be a good friend to your devices. This PSU has four 4 pin molex connectors, two floppy connectors, one P4 connector, one accessory connector, and one 20 pin ATX connector. Please help find a home for this cute little guy. He makes friends very easily, and will be there for you for quite a long time. Adopt this sweet little PSU today. Thank you.

  • +3.3 V -- 28 A
  • +5 V -- 30 A
  • +12 V -- 25 A
  • -12 V -- 0.8 A
  • -5 V -- 0.3A
  • +5 VSB -- 2A
  • +5V and +3.3V Combined Load -- 220W
  • +5V, +3.3V, and +12V Combined Load -- 380W