Rude Gameware - Primal PC Gaming Headset

Rude Gameware - Primal PC Gaming Headset
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Product Description

Rude Gameware - Primal PC Gaming Headset
  • Sweet Gaming and Audio Performance

    Featuring a unique force feedback feature that is like a home theater crammed into a headset, you'll gain realistic bass audio sensations and increased situational awareness for improved gaming performance. Sense the enemy footsteps approaching before you see him.

  • Uber-Comfortable Design

    The Primal Headsets have been designed from the ground up for extreme comfort. The sleek, low profile design is lightweight, yet so sexy & stylish. Premium soft fabric encloses the ear cups in cushioned comfort - none of that sticky fake leather. Extra padding packed into the fully-adjustable headband ensures unlimited hours of gameplay or audio listening pleasure.

  • Detachable Microphone

    Includes a noise-canceling, Teamspeak Certified, detachable microphone. Simply plug it in to the discreet plug on the side of the headset to gain crystal clear online smack talk capability for any PC game or application (including VOIP).

  • It's So Versatile

    Can't bear to leave your Primal headset at home? Experience it with your MP3 player (including iPod), portable game device (PSP, Nintendo DS, etc.) or even on your home theater. The Primal Headset can be plugged in to any of these devices. Plus, we even include a bonus battery pack adapter which means you can power the force feedback feature and experience home theater bass sensations and increased situational awareness on the go. Just yank off the mic first so you don't look like a tool. Easily control the volume with any device using the in-line controller.

    The Primal PC Gaming Headset is now officially certified by Teamspeak, the leading online gaming chat client.

    Works on any PC or portable audio/gaming device with a standard analog 3.5 mm audio jack.

    • Driver Unit: 50mm
    • Impedance: 32? +/-3 ?
    • Sensitivity: 110 dB+/-3dB
    • Frequency: 20Hz - 20,000Hz

    • Mic Specifications
    • Sensitivity: 58 dB+/-3dB
    • Omni Directional
    • Frequency: 20Hz - 16,000Hz