PrimoChill 1/2" Rigid Acrylic Tubing - 36 - UV Green

PrimoChill 1/2" Rigid Acrylic Tubing - 36 - UV Green
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Product Description

PrimoChill is once again helping performance enthusiasts, case modders, and those in search of the "Next Best" thing in watercooling. PrimoChill Rigid Acrylic Tube is one step further in the evolution of computer watercooling enabling the user to make the tightest bends and straightest runs without the need of excessive compression fittings and 90 degree angle rotories. The less your build requires the more time and money you save searching for the right fitting.

Measure - Cut - Bend - Install- DONE!

Comes in a variety of colors to fit your individual build.

  • Trusted/Experienced Brand
  • Glass-like transparency
  • Thicker Wall for safer operation
  • 15 Vivid Colors to choose from
  • Capatable with PrimoChill Rigid Ghost compression fittings
  • Virgin PMMA Material
  • Inner Diameter: 3/8in.
  • Outer Diameter: 1/2in.
  • Wall Thickness: 1/16in.

With the use of different components, materials, fluids, and flow rates, results may vary with the appearance of your tubing. Rigid Acrylic Tube is designed to work with a large variety of cooling components, however the use of alcohols, Ethylene Glycol and as well as any other harmful chemicals is strictly prohibited and will void your warranty. PrimoChill is not responsible for any damage caused by or when using this product. Please use at your own risk.