Primochill Myriad D5 Dual Bay Reservoir - UV Blue

Primochill Myriad D5 Dual Bay Reservoir - UV Blue
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Product Description

Primochill Myriad D5 Dual Bay Reservoir - UV Blue
After a year or so of evolutionary development and back to the basics ground up building, PrimoChill has taken a another leap forward with the introduction of the Myriad Reservoir System. Designed with long-term usability and functionality in mind, the Myriad is about to shatter the concept of one part, one function. At the heart of the Myriad is a rock solid water tight double sided reservoir frame, with unlimited possibilities of use. The concept of single purpose single use is no longer the standard in computer cooling, the Myriad was made to serve as the most versatile, most creative, and adaptive reservoir to grace the water cooling community. It doesn't matter if you're just starting on your first water cooling adventure, or if you are a seasoned PRO looking for something different to set your build apart from all the rest, the Myriad has all the building blocks to get the job done, without breaking the bank.

Note: These reservoirs are designed to be used with a pump and is required for usage!

  • Compact Reservoir and Pump Combo
  • Universal Precision Mounting System
  • Single or Dual "Loop" Configuration
  • Industry Standard G 1/4 Threaded Inlets/Outlets
  • Rapid Fill/Bleed System with G 1/4 Funnel
  • Clean Unobtrusive Front Appearance
  • Injected Colors - Not Post Dyed - No Leaching
  • O-ring and Screws - No Glued Parts
  • Cost Effective
  • Lightweight
  • Pump Compatibility:
    • Swiftech MCP655
    • Swiftech MCP655-B
    • Koolance PMP-450
    • Koolance PMP-450S
    • Laing D5 Series