PrimoChill Poly Barbed T Fitting-1/4

PrimoChill Poly Barbed T Fitting-1/4
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Product Description

Our Single Barb Fittings Features and Clamp Dynamics The threads are molded in precision-ground cavities resulting in perfectly matched threads at the parting line. This produces the cleanest, most accurate molded thread possible.

Why our fittings are better. Our single-barbed fittings are designed so the mold parting line stops at the base of the barb. The ridge and the barb's conical surface are free of the molded-in leak path present in multiple barb fittings. The conical surface is glass-like and smooth allowing excellent sealing.

The straight barb shaft provides space for the hose to relax behind the barb causing the clamp to work like a drawstring. This forces the hose diameter to become smaller than the flare of the fitting's barb. If the tubing swells from internal pressure (near burst), the clamp will be pulled up tight to the back of the barb and a tight seal will be maintained.