PrimoChill Typhoon Repack Reservoir - UV Blue/Black

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Product Description

The Typhoon Repack Reservoir from PrimoChill fits right into your 5 1/4' Bay with no modifications needed! This closed system eliminates water evaporation resulting in easy maintenance of water levels. One screw filling and easy mounting! Completely CNC drilled water supply tank made of Polyoxymethylene (Acetyl Plastic). Light it up and show it off with pre-drilled holes ready for your 5mm LEDs!

  • Constructed from Polyoxymethylene (Acetyl Plastic) with O-ring sealed acrylic face
  • High quality, unique, creative design
  • Easy mount, no sawing or drilling
  • G 1/4' threads for better flow
  • 120ml capacity
  • One screw easy fill
  • Reduced evaporation due to a closed system
  • Ready for 5mm LEDs
  • Reservoir
  • Four holding screws
  • Plug