PrimoChill PC ICE Non-Conductive Water Cooling Fluid - UV Green (32oz.)

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Product Description

No, it’s not a special computer geek mouthwash! PC ICE is a revolutionary development in liquid cooling from PrimoChill. Designed to improve the performance of today’s most advanced PC water cooling systems, PC ICE overcomes the shortcomings of competitive fluids available on the market today. PrimoChill’s testing has revealed that PC ICE shows a maximum gain in thermal efficiency of 5C° and a minimum average of 2C° in proportional testing against standard fluid. Although the improvement is not extensive, the fluid’s capacity to decelerate the difference of temperature from idle to load environments increases the systems maximum stability, thus improving over clocking capability.

PC ICE is specially formulated with lubricating properties to increase pump life and contains corrosive inhibiting ingredients to cut down on internal build up and galvanic corrosion. PC ICE is safe on all plastic, rubber and miscellaneous gasket materials as well as Non-Toxic, biodegradable and environmentally safe. PC ICE is formulated for high flow pumps and is not prone to mechanical sheering. PC ICE has a 3 year shelf life, is non-conductive and has a freeze point below -60F°. So while your breath could use a little freshening, you should stick to Tic-Tacs (trust me your friends will thank you). For cooling your PC however, PC ICE is the coolant of choice!

  • Bottle Size: 32oz
  • Conductive: No
  • UV Reactive: Yes (When Mixed With Included DYEBOMB)
  • Shelf Life: 3 Years
  • Freezing Point: < -60F°
NOTE: Test results were in a temperature control environment and are averages. PrimoChill does not guarantee that you will have the same results.