500W Crystal Dual LED Fan Computer Power Supply

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Product Description

Ok, so it isn't really made out of crystal, but it is certainly crystal clear! This Acrylic 500W Crystal Dual LED Fan Power Supply has two blue LED fans for superior cooling of this monster power supply. The sleeving on the wires is UV reactive, along with the connectors as well. Wait, this just in... the piece where you plug the power cord into is UV reactive as well! What will they think of next? I don't know. What I do know is that with 500 Watts of power, you won't be running out of power any time soon. Consider it to be like planning ahead if you don't need that much power right now. As some of the new devices out on the market become more and more powerful, they will require more and more power. You can take advantage of this power supply now and be ready for when you need to recharge your car, or what ever it is that they think of next.

The dimensions of this clear beast are 6' L x 5.60' W x 3.50' H. This power supply unit has one 20Pin ATX mainboard connector, four 4Pin Standard drive connectors, two floppy connectors, one 6Pin AUX Power connector, and one 4Pin +12V Power connector. Yes, it does play well with others as it supports both Pentium 4 and AMD Athlon systems. So whether this unit blends in to its surroundings in an acrylic case, or standing out in any other case, the 500 watts won't leave you trying to bum a few watts off of your buddies late on a Saturday night. We know what that is like, and hate it when it happens to us.

  • Low Noise & Ripple.
  • Over Voltage Protection.
  • Short Circuit Protection.
  • Built-in EMI Filter and anti-interference electronic resistor.
  • Insulation Resistance 100M min.
  • Complies with FCC part 15J class B 115VAC operation and CISPR 22 230 VAC operation.
  • 100% Burn-in test / Vibration test / Hi-pot test / Leakage current test