Radiator Sealing Strip (200cm)

Radiator Sealing Strip (200cm)
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Product Description

Radiator Sealing Strip (200cm)
Sealing strip for optimal fan installation on radiators or in cases.

To increase the efficiency of the fans on radiators or generally in the system Phobya introduces another innovative product which improves efficiency with very little cost! A certain percentage of Airflow from fans escapes through the gaps and uneven surfaces between fan and case or radiator. This is now eliminated with the help of these sealing strips!

The strip is self-adhesive on one side and can hence simply be glued on to the desired component. No the fan can simply be put on the sealing strip with its edges and fixated with screws. the sealing strip can be compressed down to only 1mm and seals any gap between fan and case. this way the Airflow has no chance of escaping and the fan can operate even more efficiently.

The length of this strip is sufficient even for 4x120mm radiators!

Technical specifications:
  • Material: Fine foamed plastic
  • Colour: Grey
  • Length: 2m
  • Thickness: 3mm (under pressure compressible to only 1mm)
  • Width: 6mm
Extent of delivery:
  • 1x Phobya Radiator sealing strip (200cm)