Ratpadz GS Gaming Surface

Ratpadz GS Gaming Surface
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Product Description

The "GS" in RatpadzGS™ stands for Gaming Surface. And yes, it is even much more of a gaming surface now than ever before. The new RatpadzGS™ has been in development for over a year and is considered one of the best all round mousing surface in the world.

At first glance, the RatpadzGS™ looks similar to first generation Ratpadz, but another look shows a pad that has been extremely “tweaked” for the end user. The Ultraslick™ surface has been optimized for optical and ball mice and is slicker than ever with the lowest drag coefficient of any pad Ratpadz has ever produced. The RatpadzGS™ has been tested with every Logitech, Microsoft, and IBM retail mouse on the market.

The RatpadzGS™ was designed with a new ribbed structure. This has reduced weight and allowed the introduction of the Deskgrip™ feature. This means that placing any pressure on the center of the pad forces the feet on the outer edges to dig in, holding the RatpadzGS™ in place even when things get really wild. The ribbed structure now houses nine polyurethane feet that deliver ultimate footing and are now countersunk into the pad so it is nearly impossible to dislodge a foot and lose it.

Why Get a RatpadzGS?

1. Quite simply no gamer should be without a RatpadzGS™ as it is the one of the most accurate mousing surfaces in the world. We all know that serious gaming is about accuracy. Without it, you will lose...again...and again...and again. Stop losing and hand your opponent back his head, on a RatpadzGS™ of course. Do not think that our RatpadzGS™ is only at home on the 3D battlefield. We have many CAD and graphics professionals around the world that swear by them and would not be caught dead without their RatpadzGS™.

2. Think that desktop 2D mousing cannot be made any better? Think again. We have many customers that are not gamers, CAD engineers, or artists. Yes, a RatpadzGS™ can make your desktop experience that much more enjoyable.

3. Just when you think it could not get any better, there is one hidden talent that the RatpadzGS™ has, that so many others do not. The thing is huge. So big you will want to make sure you have room for it. The RatpadzGS™ measures in at just over 11.55 inches wide and 9.3 inches top to bottom. This ensures that you can focus on the screen and not your mouse.