Razer Tarantula Gaming Keyboard (Tempest Blue)

Razer Tarantula Gaming Keyboard (Tempest Blue)
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Product Description

Razer Tarantula Gaming Keyboard (Tempest Blue)
Creeping not so stealthily onto the gaming keyboard scene is the Tarantula Professional Gaming Keyboard from Razer. Popping up at LAN parties around the country and leaving nothing but a devastating wake of destruction in its path, the Tarantula is a fearsome fragging device!

Now you too can own this weapon of mass gaming destruction, or WMGD as we like to call it! The Razer features an onslaught of features that make gaming oh so much more pleasurable such as anti-ghosting capability that won't conk out for up to 10 simultaneous key presses!

Multi-profile switching and on the fly key map profiles swapping make delivering an in game smack down a breeze! Fully interchangeable keys allow you to swap keys around and utilize special hotkeys for FPS and future optional RTS and MMO keys.

Razer's Battledock allows you to integrate optional devices such as the Razer BattleLight and Razer BattleEye gaming devices. So join in on the devastation with the Tarantula Professional Gaming Keyboard from Razer!

  • 10x Anti-Ghosting capability
  • Customizable macro keys
  • 32kb onboard memory powered by Razer Synapse
  • Easy profile switching
  • On the fly switching between 2 key maps per profile
  • Optimized Hyperespone gaming keys
  • Fully interchangeable keys
  • Razer Battledock modular docking station
  • 10 interchangeable gaming hotkeys for FPS
  • Optional interchangeable hot keys for other FPS, RTS, and MMO sold separately