Realview 3D V-Screen for PSP

Realview 3D V-Screen for PSP
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Realview 3D V-Screen for PSP
The V-Screen is RealView Innovations Ltd.'s pioneering new games accessory, created specifically for the Sony PSP games console. Featuring patented 'Depth Enhancing Screen Technology,' the V-Screen makes any PSP game look and feel far more realistic and exciting. It is particularly effective on racing and platform games as users are drawn into a faster and more exhilarating experiential adventure. In addition, many of the fine details show up far better on the screen which means scores are likely to improve.

V-Screen combines RealView's unique optical technology with a sturdy case that will have the added benefit of protecting your PSP. A light, portable and consumer-friendly attachment, the V-Screen is flexible enough to accommodate the PSP 1000, 2000 and 3000 series and is a 'must buy' accessory for any gaming fan. The V-Screen is sure to breathe new life into all your new and old PSP titles.