UV Red Double Twist Lock (3/8)

UV Red Double Twist Lock (3/8)
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Product Description

UV Red Double Twist Lock (3/8)
MOD/SMART (*TCM) "EZ" Twist Lock Bundling Ties offer a fast and economical way to securely position and hold wire, cable, or tubing. A single twist of your finger locks the bundle together. Another twist opens the lock to add or remove to the bundle. The reusable "EZ" Twist Lock is molded to be tough and resilient.

*True Color Match (TCM) - An Exclusive Process which provides consistent coloring to an entire product line therefore improving aesthetics by color matching. Partnered with PrimoChill's watercooling product line, you can be sure all your wire management and cooling loop parts will perfectly match! The days of UV Pinkish mismatched with your UV Red sleeving....is GONE.

  • Economical and reusable
  • Tough and Resilient
  • 8 True Color Match choices, including 7 UV reactive colors.
  • Two sizes available to perfectly fit your application.
  • Bundle Size (in.): .30 -.40
  • Height (in.): 0.688 (+/- 0.015)
  • Length (in.): 2.750 (+/- 0.015)