UV Red Twist Lock (3/8)

UV Red Twist Lock (3/8)
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Product Description

UV Red Twist Lock (3/8)
These twist-lock cable ties are the answer for easy cable management!

To clean a computer case much time had to be invested with Zip ties and other materials. Those times are now over! Nor cables, tubing, and wires can be bundled and managed easily and quickly with these new twist-locks. They are simply gripped with index finger and thumb to cross both ends to secure the cable tie. It can be opened just as simply by separating the two ends. The high-grade plastic used is highly flexible and allows multiple re-use of the twist-lock cable tie.

The plastic used is also UV-reactive, allowing this cable tie to fit in perfectly with any modding projects.

  • Material: Highly flexible plastic
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 31 x 21 x 5mm
  • Maximum inner diameter: Up to 13mm
Note: Sold individually, price is for one piece