Remote Control Molex Connector & Dual UV Cathode Kit

Remote Control Molex Connector & Dual UV Cathode Kit
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Product Description


This smoking hot kit includes two great products that when combined, will allow you to fight the powers of evil…or um…just remotely turn your case lighting on and off. Either way, the end results will be phenomenal!

The kit includes one 12 Volt DC remote relay switch receiver, two automotive quality key fob transmitters, and a dual cold cathode lighting kit. The Remote Control 12VDC Relay and Cold Cathode Kit is truly an impressive combo and is sure to ooh and ah the crowd.

  • Remote On and Off control for any 12 Volt DC devices such as computer accessories, auto lighting kits, or other electronic applications
  • High quality micro key fob construction similar to automotive keyless entry systems
  • Easy to wire with basic electrical wiring knowledge
Remote Specifications:
  • Receiver Input Voltage: 12VDC
  • Receiver Output Voltage: 12VDC
  • Receiver Output Current: 2 Amp Maximum
  • Receiver Wiring:
    • Red: +12VDC In
    • White: +12VDC Out
    • Black: Ground
    • Black: Ground
    • Blue: Antenna
  • Handset Battery: Type VR22/CN22/CN32A or Equivalent
  • Handset Controls: On and Off Buttons
Cold Cathode Specifications
  • Length: 12.25 inches each
  • Average Current Damand +/- 3.7w
  • Encased in a 100% acrylic shell for proper light distribution
  • Encased inverter for safety
  • Dual light capability
  • Huge Lifespan