Sunbeam 4 Port Blue & Red LED 5.25" Rheobus - Silver

Sunbeam 4 Port Blue & Red LED 5.25" Rheobus - Silver
Item# 23013

Product Description

Our brand new 4 channel rheobus is the ultimate in fan control. With the ability to variably alter the voltage to your exact specifications, this offers advantage to our line of switched baybus'. The LEDs supplied on this unit are ultra-bright blue, and red according to voltage being put through the channel. Low RPM is Red color, high RPM is Blue color, changes at 7V.

Don't forget that each channel can provide 20 total watts of output... so you are not limited to four fans on this unit. You can power as many fans as you want, as long as you do not exceed 20W per channel.

Our unit also comes preinstalled onto an aluminum brushed drive bay, saving most users installation/drilling time. This drive bay should fit in most cases, and will match brushed aluminum exactly.