Cyber Snipa - Fierce Dual-Sided Mouse Surface

Cyber Snipa - Fierce Dual-Sided Mouse Surface
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Product Description

Cyber Snipa - Fierce Dual-Sided Mouse Surface
Do you like it smooth, or do you like it rough? Luckily with the Fierce Dual Sided Mouse Surface, you'll never have to pick just one. This versatile pad is made of durable PVC plastic with an ultra-smooth side for exceptional speed and a rougher side for those moments when you need extra precision without sacrificing accuracy.

The specially formulated rubberized mesh base material locks the pad in place so you don't experience the aggravating sliding that occurs with many mouse pads.

  • Dual-sided for speed, precision and accuracy in any situation.
  • Durable, oversized pad will hold up to the rigors of intense gaming.
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes special rubber base surface secures the pad in place, whichever side you need.
  • Includes free cut-to-fit mouse tape for extra speed.
  • Dimensions: 290mm x 267mm x 1mm