Saitek Eclipse LiteTouch Wireless Keyboard

Saitek Eclipse LiteTouch Wireless Keyboard
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Product Description

For everyone looking for a wireless illuminated keyboard, Saitek has your answer: the new Eclipse Lite-Touch Wireless Keyboard! Equipped with a rechargable Li-Ion battery and intelligent power saving modes, they have effectively solved the major battery-life issue plaguing other illuminated wireless keyboards. And when it comes time to charge this bad boy (between 20-hour stints of usage!) they've simplified that too, providing a DC adapter for charging from the wall, or a regular old USB cable to charge right from your computer! Oh, and they threw a track ball with left and right mouse buttons on there for good measure. To put it quite simply, this is the most awesome wireless keyboard, EVER.

  • Wireless low-powered 2.4GHz
  • trueview™ quiettouch™ low profile white backlit scissor keys
  • litetouch™ Touch sense panel for media, internet, myeclipse™ and shortcut keys (selectable)
  • Track ball with left and right mouse buttons
  • Intelligent power saving modes
  • softtouch™ palm rest
  • Super-slim, cutting-edge design
  • Full software support
  • On/Off button
  • Compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7