NCU 1000 Fanless Heatsink

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Product Description

  • Patented Heatlane Technology
  • TS Heatronicfs patented gHeatlaneh technology achieves greatly improved heat transfer over conventional heatpipe technology Completely Silent - Heatsink with No Mechanized Parts NCU-1000 has NO fan, which means there is NO noise! Great for HTPC (Home Theatre PC) & PC users seeking silence
  • No Moving Parts
  • This means no mechanical breakdown will occur

Model Name: NCU-1000 Heatlane Zen
Compatibility: Intel Pentium 4 (socket 478) up to 2.8GHz
Heatsink Dimensions: 108 x 86 x 143mm (incl. heatsink base)
Noise Level: Completely ZERO dB design
Weight: 615g (1.36lb)
Coolant: HFC-134a"