Scythe KAZE MASTER 3.5" Bay Fan Controller - Silver

Scythe KAZE MASTER 3.5" Bay Fan Controller - Silver
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Product Description

Scythe KAZE MASTER 3.5" Bay Fan Controller - Silver
Is your cooling starting to get out of control? Well, thanks to the Scythe KAZE MASTER 3.5" Bay Fan Controller, you can finally put those cooling components in their place.

Featuring gorgeous brushed aluminum paired with a flashy blue illuminated display, this silver Scythe Kaze Master is one super-premium fan controller. Using this 3.5" controller, up to two fans can be independently regulated with two temperature sensors that will monitor your system temperature (in either C or F) from two different points within your PC.

This silver Scythe KAZE MASTER 3.5" Bay Fan Controller also includes an integrated Passive Safety - Safe Alarm Feature which warns the user when any overheating or fan failure occurs within the system. Offering a wide range of monitoring, the fan voltage can be independently controlled from 3.7 - 12 V, and even includes a Fan Stop Function, which will allow you to shut down your fans by simply turning the knob counter-clockwise all the way.

  • Controls Up to 2 Fans & Temperature Monitors Independently (w/ VFD Display)
  • Passive Safety - Safe Alarm Feature (in case of Fan Malfunction)
  • 2-Way Temperature Display (Available in both Celsius & Fahrenheit)
  • Wide Variable Voltage (b/w 3.7V -12V) to Control Fans
  • Model Name: Kaze Master 3.5
  • Dimensions: 103 x 25 x 93 mm
  • Display: 60 x 15.5 mm
  • DC Input: 5V or 12V (From PC Power Supply)
  • Fan Adjustment Range: 3.7V (10%) ~ 12V (10%)
  • 2 x Fan Channels
  • Maximum Fan Ampere per Channel: 1A per channel
  • Fan Speed Range: 0 ~ 7500 rpm (Display Range: 30rpm Incremental)
  • Temperature Module Channel: 2 (3.5inch Version)
  • Temperature Range: 0 ~ 100C / 32 ~ 199.9F
  • Measurement Frequency: Every 2 Seconds
  • Weight: 125 g (3.5inch Version)
*Package indicates the maximum range as 9,990 rpm, but the actual range is 7,500 rpm.