Scythe Kaze Q-8 Fan Controller - Black

Scythe Kaze Q-8 Fan Controller - Black
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Product Description

Scythe Kaze Q-8 Fan Controller - Black
It's fan-demonium with the new Scythe KAZE-Q8! You can control 8 fans on a single controller!

The KAZE-Q8 is a simple to use 8 channel Fan Controller mountable to 3.5" bay.

Provides the function to stop the fan and turn off the Power-LED for every channel.


8 channel fan controller mountable for 3.5" bay:

Adjusting knob for fan speed control.

Power LED for all channels.
Blue LED - when turned on. Connected fans and LED can be turned off.
Stops powering fan and LED by turning the corresponding knob to the left end.

Hairline polish aluminium front panel


Model Name:
Kaze Q8 8-Channel Fan Controller Model-No.:
KQ02-BK-3.5 (Black)

102 x 25 x 93 mm | 4.02 x 0.99 x 3.66 in (WxHxD)

Voltage Range:
5 V (10%) - 12 V (10%)

Fan Channels:
8 channels

Output Ampere:
max. 1 Ampere

Fan Speed Range:
0 - 9,900 rpm

110 g / 3.88 oz

Unit (x1), Fan Cable (x8), Power Cable (x1), Screws (x4)