Scythe Silent 100mm Fan - SY1025SL12H

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Product Description

The Scythe Silent 100mm fan is a unique solution to a common problem: how do you get 120mm fan performance when you don't have enough room for a 120mm fan? Scythe's solution is to make a 100mm fan which mounts in a 92mm spot. Ingenious, no?

The Scythe Silent 100mm fan performs almost as well as a 120mm fan without taking up the space. This thin fan flows almost 60 CFM at only 2000 rpm and 30.68 dBA! If you want the perfect compromise between a 92mm and 120mm fan, look no further than the Scythe Silent 100mm fan!

  • Thin design
  • Two sets of mounting holes: 92mm and 100mm
  • Silent operation yet great performance
  • Fan blades only 3mm shorter than 120mm fan blades due to extra-small hub
  • Model: SY1025SL12H
  • Speed: 2000 rpm
  • Airflow: 58 CFM
  • Noise: 30.68 dBA
  • Dimensions: 100mm x 100mm x 25mm
  • Blade Length: 31mm
  • Bearing Type: Sleeve
  • Cable Length: 30 cm
  • Connector: 3-pin (4-pin adapter included