Scythe Slip Stream PWM Adjustable 120mm Fan

Scythe Slip Stream PWM Adjustable 120mm Fan
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Product Description

Scythe Slip Stream PWM Adjustable 120mm Fan
As needed, users can adjust the PWM bandwidth manually to control the fan speed by sliding the switch on a PCI bracket, so the fan is optimized for quiet operation or highest performance. PWM function is still maintained as the general feature. Speed of this fan variation is continuously adjustable between 470 ( 30%) to 1,340 rpm ( 10%) and 740 ( 25%) to 1,900 rpm ( 10%).


Dimension (mm)           120x120x25

Fan Speed
               Max. Band       740 (25%) - 1,900 rpm (10%)
               Min. Band        470 (30%) - 1,340 rpm (10%)

Fan Noise                      9.8 ~ 37.0 dBA
                                         7.05 ~ 27.3 dBA
Air Flow                          37.15 ~ 110.3 CFM
                                         23.0 ~ 76.53 CFM

Model #:                         SY1225SL12HPVC

Weight:                           130 g | 4.20 oz

Rated Voltage:              DC12V

Connector:                     3-Pin (4-Pin Molex Adapter include)

FDB                                 Sleeve Bearing

MTBF:                             30,000 hours

**PCI Branket Installation: Please remove the knob attached to the fan controller before installing into the PCI bracket. After the installation, please attach back the knob.


PWM Adjustable
Equipped with Scythe original Slip Stream PWM 120 mm PWM Adjustable fan, it allows a user to choose the fully automatic PWM feature fan speed control or alternatively adjust the PWM band range to fulfill demands from silent to high performance users!

By reducing the dimension of the center hub and enlarging the blade surface area, high airflow is generated at low RPM.

4-Pin Peripheral Adapter Provided
To be versatile, this case fan comes with the 4-pin peripheral adapter.