Xoxide PC Vibration Dampening Kit

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Product Description

Whirs, squeaks, hums, and brrrrrs got your ears begging for mercy? Then you need to take some steps to preserve your sanity. The Xoxide PC Vibration Dampening Kit includes many of the necessities needed to help silence your system.

It includes rubber bolts of assorted sizes, anti-vibration screws, anti-vibration washers, and even rubber case feet for chassis decoupling. If persistent vibration related noise what’s bugging you, then the Xoxide PC Vibration Dampening Kit is for you!

  • 12 x Long Rubber Fan Bolts (Ideal for CPU Fans)
  • 8 x Medium Rubber Fan Bolts (Ideal for System Fans)
  • 6 x Short Rubber Fan Blots (Ideal for PSU Fan)
  • A Gaggle of Anti-Vibration Screws (Ideal for HDD)
  • 24 x Self-Adhesive Anti-Vibration Washers
  • 4 x Rubber Case Feet