Silverstone HDDBoost Hard Drive Booster Module

Silverstone HDDBoost Hard Drive Booster Module
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Product Description

Silverstone HDDBoost Hard Drive Booster Module
HDDBOOST is a unique product that combines the best qualities of traditional hard drive and solid state disk (SSD) into one virtual super storage solution. Depending on the speed of the SSD added, the HDDBOOST can increase the performance of an existing host hard drive up to 70%(*)! This speed increase is very noticeable and significant for any PC users that have not experienced using SSD drives before. For those who are not ready to compromise on storage capacity and reliability for speed, HDDBOOST will enable SSD speed on its host hard drive and reduce the write times to SSD's more fragile flash-based storage system, thus extending its effective lifetime.

*base on SSD performance

  • Boost your original system HDD read speed without reinstalling OS
  • Minimum SSD data write times help extend SSD life-cycle
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with most of 2.5" SATA SSD

Initial production run of HDDBOOST (serial number AC09520711 to AC09521708) has USB pin header and cable included for firmware upgrade, but subsequent product runs of HDDBOOST no longer have them. All HDDBOOST (including ones from the initial product run) can be firmware updated via SATA connector so USB connectors are no longer necessary.

SilverStone strongly recommends updating firmware in advance of product installation. If your HDDBOOST is from the initial product run (serial number AC09520711 to AC09521708), please update the firmware at your earliest convenience for enhanced compatibility with latest SSD.

Enclosure material 1.0 mm SPCC with Nickel Plating
Color Nickel
Power requirement +5V in from PC power supply
Interface SATA 3Gbps
Application 3.5" Internal hard drive bay
SDD Support 2.5" SATA interface
Operating system support Any OS with SATA interface support
HDD interface support 3.5" Internal hard drive bay
Controller Board Dimension 98.6x24.5x1.6mm
Enclosure interface 1 x 7 pin SATA connector to motherboard.
1 x 7 +15 pin SATA + Power connector to system hard drive and power.
1 x USB connector (For firmware upgrade only)
Net Weight 160g10g
Dimension 130.5mm(W) x 101.6mm(D) x 25.4mm(H)