SilverStone TJ-06 Wind Tunnel With Window - Black

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Product Description

While the name SilverStone might be new to you, their creative genius should not be. Comprised of former members of Coolermaster’s ATCS Case Division, SilverStone’s Research and Development team are no strangers to designing hi-tech innovative cases.

The new SilverStone TJ-06 with Wind Tunnel technology is an exceptionally unique case. The first thing you will notice is that you open the case on the opposite side of most cases to access the motherboard. This rotates the mother board 180 degrees from the traditional CPU at the top of the case design, relocating the CPU from the sweltering hot air rising to the top of the case, to the cool fresh air at the bottom of the case. While cooling of the lower heat producing components of the computer is handled by standard 80mm fans, air CPU and chipset cooling is taken up to a whole new level. With a 120mm fan at each end, one for intake and one for exhaust, a clear plastic duct directs and forces air over and through the major heat factory of your computer system drastically reducing internal case temperatures.

  • Material: Aluminum front panel, 0.8mm SECC body
  • Motherboard: Extended ATX, ATX, MATX
  • Drive Bay:
    • Exposed: 5.25” x 5, 3.5” x 2
    • Hidden: 3.5” x 6
  • Cooling System:
    • Front: 120mm intake fan, 2200rpm, 21dBA
    • Front: 80mm intake fan, 2200rpm, 21dBA
    • Rear: 120mm exhaust fan, 2200rpm, 21dBA
    • Customized 120mm CPU wind tunnel
  • Expansion Slot: 7
  • Front I/O Port: USB 2.0 x 4, IEEE 1394 x 1, Audio Out x 1, Microphone x 1
  • Power Supply: Optional Standard PS2 (ATX), Redundant PS2
  • Net Weight: 11 kg
  • Dimension: 205mm (w) x 566 mm (h) x 474 mm (d)