Silverstone Tundra TD01 Liquid Cooling System - Black

Silverstone Tundra TD01 Liquid Cooling System - Black
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Product Description

Silverstone Tundra TD01 Liquid Cooling System - Black
SilverStone breaks ferociously into the watercooling market with their first liquid cooling system ever! The Tundra TD01 is not only their first liquid cooling system, but it is also the first of its kind in the world! Inspired by the unibody construction first pioneered on SilverStone's flagship tower chassis, the Temjin TJ07, the frame of the TD01 is also crafted from one piece of unusually thick and high quality aluminum extrusion.

Interestingly enough, SilverStone engineers actually found ways to enhance the near perfect unibody structure with advanced positioning of liquid channels and heat dissipating fins, creating a functional radiator frame. Using the enclosure's exterior frame as the radiator gives the TD01 a tremendous amount of surface area in which to conduct heat exchange with the surrounding air without any use of fans, making this liquid cooling system perfect for low noise computing.

And to be sure this spectacular patented technology can be appreciated in home theater environments and other areas where the TD01 is most needed, the styling and finish were fine-tuned to levels rivaling world-class audio components. If you thought liquid cooling in HTPC was not possible before due to integration issues such as size, noise, use of fans, or visual harmony, the TD01 will change all of that and offer a compelling reason to finally make the transition.

  • Gold-plated temperature level indicator
  • Patented all aluminum unibody radiator frame
  • Integrated multiple liquid channels and heat dissipating fins
  • High capacity reservoir crafted from thick aluminum and acrylic
  • Dual submerged pumps integrated into reservoir
  • Quick release connectors for ease of installation
  • 6mm diameter liquid-proof silicon tubing with optimized flow-rate
  • Chassis Material:
    • 8mm Uni-body Aluminum Frame
    • 4mm Aluminum Front Bezel
    • 1.5mm Aluminum Panels
  • CPU Water Block Applications:
    • Intel:
      • LGA775
    • AMD:
      • Socket AM2
      • Socket: 940
      • Socket: 939
      • Socket: 754
      • K8
  • CPU Water Block Material: Solid Copper Block, Acrylic Cover
  • Dimensions: 380 x 132 x 320mm (W x H x D)