Sony 3.5in External USB Floppy Disk Drive

Sony 3.5in External USB Floppy Disk Drive
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Product Description

Floppy? Why a floppy? Why not a floppy! BIOS updates, RAID drivers, HDD Controller Card drivers, even today, the good old fashion floppy comes in handy every now and then! Even just for nostalgic purposes, the floppy disk drive adds a classic touch to your avant-garde case. And if you are going to have a floppy, donít get no phony bologna! Get yourself a Sony!

Sonyís External USB Floppy Drive allows you to take the POWER OF THE FLOPPY anywhere you go. Whether at work or play, home or LAN party, you can devastate your foes with the POWER OF THE FLOPPY!

  • Media: 1.44MB 3.5 Floppy
  • Connector: USB2.0