3ALink Sound Dampening Mat

3ALink Sound Dampening Mat
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Product Description

These sound absorption mats solve the problem of noise that plagues the modder. We are all familiar with how loud it can get as we add fans to cool everything down. These mats will allow you to add all the fans you want and keep the noise down to a minimum.

If you've ever plugged your fan in while it was not attached to anything, you know that they barely make any noise by themselves. The noise is generated when the fan is attached to the case and the fan noise is resonated through the case. The mat works because it stops the case from vibrating and resonating the sound.

It comes with a total of four self-adhesive sheets, enough to cover the interior of most midtower cases. Two sheets measured at 7" x 15.75" x .2" for the top and bottom, and two larger self-adheasive sheets measured at 13.75" x 15.75" x .2" for the side panels. All measurements in inches.